Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Pasibes

This is my father's family; his brothers and sisters.
Sitting: Jose Rulla Pasibe (my dad), Glenn "namnama" (his nephew, son of Demetrio), Romeo Pasibe
Standing: Demetrio Pasibe, Gloria Pasibe Halabasso, Cherry Pasibe (daughter of Demetrio), Inocencia Pasibe Gatchallian, Remedios Pasibe (wife of Demetrio), Remy Pasibe

I wish I knew the year this photo was taken. By the looks of my dad, it may be in the early 60's, maybe 1960 or 1961. I am guessing that since I was born in 1963 and he looks awfully young in this photo, that it has to be at least a couple of years prior.

My father's family is from the province of La Union, Philippines. Although their father, EutiquioRemigio RullaPasibe, Sr. lived in Caba, La Union right next door to his son Demetrio, my father's mother hailed from Aringay, La Union where they had a family home. His mother, Josefa Rulla, Remigio's second wife, died at quite an early age though and so he was raised primarily by Lola Fausta in Aringay.


Omom said...

Correction: It's Remegio Pasibe, Sr., their dad, who lived in Caba(not Eutiquio)hence, Uncle Jun being a jr. aka Remy. Eutiquio Rulla is lolo X from Baguio. I, too, get confused with all the "Lolo Ekiongs" in the fam. LOL.

JMom said...

Oh yeah, ha? duh! I knew that! hehe! ok, am changing it now :)

MrsPartyGirl said...

hi, my first time here :) i once met a lady (who's currently residing in Solano County in California) whose name is Sophie Pasibe (i guess it's actually her hubby who's the Pasibe) but i do know that her and her husband's family are originally from the north (pangasinan and baguio, too, i think). just wondered if she was also related to you :)

i love the idea of posting your family's old pics! you have definitely preserved your family's history for future generations. i wish i had access to my family's old pics but they're all back in pinas. perhaps one day, i can do the same :) take care :)

JMom said...

Hi Mrs. PartyGirl, yes I am related to her by marriage. Sophie is my Aunt, she is married to Remigio Jr., the tall good looking man to the right, standing up.

I am hoping to post more photos of the family in the future. It's just hard to find the time to scan all the photos. I'd like to do this as I try to digitize all the old photos before they fade away.

Thanks for the visit :-)

MrsPartyGirl said...

my gosh! small world :D the last time i saw aunt sophie was in 2000 in manila. i hope she still remembers me, hehehe. please extend my regards. :)

Senor Enrique said...

I love going through family photo albums of times past!

Mari said...

I wouldn't say small world since I really don't know you, but you having roots from La Union is like running into someone I know. The connection is very remote...but you know back home anyone who has the last name as yours becomes your cousin of some sort.

My father was from La Union, and I have cousins--distant ones--from Rosario who I visited during summer in my high school days.

Cut to I got your name from my friend, Ebb Tide. She and I used to go to an art class here in our town.

Got to go. Thanks for the opportunity to comment on your nice blog.

JMom said...

Hi mari, thanks for the visit and the nice comment on my rarely updated blog :D So you are from La Union too? It really is a small world. I left you a comment on your blog. I had already been there yesterday, following the link from ebb tide. And the world gets even smaller via the internet. haha! Good to meet you. Hope you come back, and hopefully I would have gotten off my butt and posted more stuff by then.