Sunday, August 29, 2004

Talk about "When I was your age!!" yesterday, when Mike was working out back he found this tiny little shoe!

How amazing is this!! Mike says that the shoe, must belong to one of his sisters. It's only about 6 inches long and 2 1/2 inches, in the widest part. What an amazing artifact. It's still got some color under all that dirt as well, it seems to be a peach color on the top and a deep blue on the bottom. We'll send more pictures once it's cleaned off. See the cute little wavy pattern on the strap. It's so cute and tiny, with little roots sticking on the bottom. Wow, it's amazing, that it's so well preserved.


minnie said...

Hi! Nice memorabilia you got there! But I think it's more of a slipper or sandals than it is a shoe. =)

JMom said...

Hi Minnie! Thanks for visiting! :-) Yes, it is a tsinelas... my daughter posted this for me and also wrote the text. haha! I didn't even notice she had called it a shoe ;-)