Monday, February 07, 2005

Sundays in the Park with...Lola

Swinging in the Park with Lola Dora

Sundays in the park or at any time is always a special time for a child. I was no different. My sisters and I cherished the times we went to the park; this specific one was Burnham Park. Most of the times we just played on the swings, but there are many other things to do when you got tired of the swings. There were boats to ride, bikes, or the train. You can see the train in the background. Best of all, there were always the snacks. We would either get ice cream, kamote-que, peanuts with garlic, sliced mangoes, or if we were really good (or lucky), an actual sit-down merienda at one of the nearby restaurants, and we would religiously order the same thing, pancit loglog and halo-halo.